Cameroon : SDF MP confirms report there is an Arrest Warrant for Hon Wirba

The Parliamentary group Leader of the Social Democratic Front party, Hon. Joseph Banadzem has confirmed reports on February 5 that the Delegate general for national security(DGSN) Martin braga Nguele signed the arrest warrant of Hon Joseph Wirba of the Social Democratic Front.

According to CIN, Hon Joseph Banadzem made the revelation while brandishing the arrest warrant to reporters. He said  Hon Joseph Wirba who sent him a copy of the arrest warrant is afraid he will be arrested and has called on Sdf and the speaker of the National Assembly to protect him without which he will not return to the Glass House again.
For  Hon. Banadzem said it is incumbent on the House Speaker to protect one of them if not democracy and respect of rule of law would have been trampled upon.

Wirba frowned that it is sad that with Parliamentary immunity someone could still be arrested in Cameroon


Recall that this publication had reported that Martin braga Nguele on 20 January, 2017 signed two orders for all deputy delegate regional national security instructed all border delegate general of national security to execute and account on his radio message.

According to one of orders decision No. 000111 / dgsn / SG / dpf / s ,Supreme Court advocate General Justice Ayah Paul Abine and Wirba Joseph -SDF MP were ordered to be arrested.




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