Cameroon :SDF MP decries Parliamentary Injustice as he hands Micro Project Grants

The Member of Parliament MP for Bamenda-Bali Mezam Division Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon has reiterated what he describes as parliamentary injustice in Cameroon. The MP has been speaking in Bamenda while handing over his 2015 Parliamentary Micro Project Grants. According to the MP he will not stop raising the issue until it is addressed. He explained that the general injustice demonstrated in the creation or distribution of parliamentary seats in Cameroon has a serious effect on the lives of children in his municipality. To establish his point, Hon Fobi observed that his parliamentary constituency has four subdivisions with a population of over 600 thousand people while his other colleague MPs have almost six times less than that number yet receive the same amount of funds for the parliamentary micro project grants (PMPGs). Consequently he continued that if a child in the later parliamentary constituency has to benefit from the grants, then that in his constituency will benefit six times less. According to Hon Fobi therefore, his parliamentary constituency naturally had to have a minimum of six MPs so the children can be treated equally like others across the country.


Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon Addressing MPGs Beneficiaries and families in Bamenda III

Notwithstanding, the MP of parliament maintained his slogan of “when there is a little let there be a little for everyone……….” by distributing equally his annual eight million francs parliamentary micro project funds to the four sub divisions within his constituency.


At the Nkwen Fons Palace Saturday February 6, 2016 over ninety orphans and vulnerable children benefited from the grants for Bamenda III Sub division.

Explaining how the beneficiaries where selected, Councilor Asobo Mbuyah Samuel who doubles as Chairman of the Parliamentary Micro project committee said “we decided to use the Councilors so as to touch every part of the constituency. We asked every councilor to select three children each from their area. And since we carried out a similar activity last year we had to be sure that the beneficiaries did not repeat so everyone could be part of it.”

 Speaking in turns during the event, Fongu Cletus Tanwie and Lucas Ngu Afong Mayor and SDF district chairman for Bamenda III respectively presented Hon Fobi as an exemplary parliamentarian in Cameroon with the fear of God. According to these officials his yearly distribution of grants is an example of accountable leadership and deserves the appreciation of all. As to why go back to orphans and vulnerable children again Hon Fobi explained that after performing the exercise last year in all four subdivisions, he realized that there was the need to come back to them because they were many and it was important to continue to draw the attention of Government to the plight of these children.

Performing a similar exercise on the Commercial avenue ceremonial grand stand for Bamenda II Friday February 5, 2016 the advised the beneficiaries to be serious with their academic work, love one another and have a strong internal drive to contribute valuably to the growth of Cameroon and be better persons tomorrow.

The MP will continue to Bali Sunday February 7, 2016 for the same exercise. He told news men that Bamenda I will receive their share in due time though the date has not been fixed. The dry port created in Bamenda and the industrial zone are some other issues the peoples representative raised saying that work was under way and with that the high rate of unemployment will be reduced to a certain level.


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