Cameroon :SDF -NEC Meeting to be held in Yaoundé .


According to Denis Kemlemo, the national communications secretary of the of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting this month will be held in Yaoundé,After the last meeting on 28 January 2017 in Bamenda.

French daily reports that the communication Secretary in making this information public says “it is an ordinary meeting and there is no particular reason for its holding in Yaoundé. However, the fact that deputies and senators are in Yaounde obliges us to hold it in Yaounde instead of Transporting them during a full parliamentary session to attend a NEC meeting in Bamenda.

For now, the place and agenda are not yet known, but Denis Kemlemo says that the preparations for the next elections convention will be agenda of discussion. This is not the first time the NEC has been moved away from Bamenda the national headquarters.

For the time being, the various commissions set up at the last meeting in Bamenda are actively working finalizying their reports which  will be presented on 25 March.”
“The various regional presidents are working hard to submit to the Secretary General of the SDF the reports from the primaries of their respective regions. These lists are important not only for the NEC nominations, but also for the scheduling of delegations to participate in the next party convention that will take place on 28, 29 and 30 April 2017 in Bamenda, “he said.


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