Cameroon: SOFITOULA disputes Cameroon’s position on World’s most dangerous countries by USA

The Financial Corporation of Tourism and Leisure (SOFITOUL) has in an open letter refuted the report of the Board of relations foreign of the US State Department that classifies countries at risk which can not recommended as tourist destination.
In the report Cameroon is followed by countries such as South Sudan, Israel, Ukraine, Burundi, among others as the second most dangerous country in the world. Position and ranking refuted by SOFITOUL.
” SOFITOUL SA, Tour Operator leader in Central Africa thinks that this information undermines the government’s efforts in tourism development and promoting of Cameroon as a touristic destination,” it notes in an open letter from the company. “The position of Cameroon raises questions. Not only because Cameroon is cited in the list of dangerous countries, but the second highest among all countries in Asia, the Near and Middle East … “writes The New edition term of 4 February. ” I think Cameroon this ranking has been poorly rewarded Cameroon’s efforts to stop the threat imposed on her,” said Eric Benjamin Lamere journalist specializing in security issues.
This report is based on the insecurity in the north of Cameroon. In the report the US State Department formally warns its citizens not to travel to the North and East of the country. The northern region because of attacks and kidnappings orchestrated by the terrorist sect Boko Haram. As for the eastern region, it points the rebels Seleka as thread.
US indicate that 21 foreigners have been kidnapped since 2003. And since July 2015, Boko Haram has operated at least 14 suicide attacks in the North and the Far North, including Maroua. So Cameroon therefore is more dangerous than Nigeria and the Central African Republic respectively the 30 th and 20 th ranking places.

In this SOFITOUL wrote “ all the hostages you raise have been released by the Cameroonian defense and security forces, with the personal involvement of the Head of State His Excellency Paul Biya “.
The report also says that the political capital Yaounde and the economic capital Douala have high crime rate due to unemployment and under-equipped police. The flow of refugees to Cameroon negatively impacts the country’s economy already broken by the consequence royal exodus. ” On analysis, the description of the level of insecurity in Cameroon on these websites seems somewhat exaggerated,” says SOFITOUL.” When there was bombings in Paris, it there’s no such classification, when there was bombings in Boston and even on daily killing in the US with armed men shooting innocent citizens, it there’s no warning prohibiting people from going to the United States, “notes Eric Benjamin Lamere.
So it is a black picture of Cameroon painted by the country of Barack Obama, to show how dangerous it is to visit. The report was posted on December 22 on the website of the US State Department.



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