Cameroon :South African Airways reroutes flights due to Douala airport reconstruction

 South African Airways, SAA has said customers affected by its need to reroute flights from from Douala International Airport in Cameroon to Yaoundé,  due to the closure of the airport in Douala for reconstruction work, will be accommodated accordingly.


SAA’s four weekly flights from Johannesburg to Libreville (Gabon) and onwards to Douala in Cameroon will be rerouted from 1 until 21 March 2016 to the Nsimalen International Airport in Yaoundé for the duration of the airport closure.

“We are pleased that an alternative entry point into Cameroon ensures that there are no interruptions in the service we offer during the time when the airport in Douala remains closed. We continue to explore new ways of providing the best service to our clients to ensure that we remain the carrier of choice for customers when they travel, both for business and leisure,” says Tlali Tlali, SAA Spokesperson.

Official notification to SAA by the Cameroon government officials states that the closure of the airport in Douala is temporary and due to the rehabilitation and upgrading of the main runway at Douala airport.

SAA has received permission from the International Air Service Licensing Council to reroute its flights to Yaoundé.

Customers will be re-accommodated accordingly.

Flights will resume the Johannesburg – Libreville – Douala routing from 22 March, should the Douala International Airport be open, the airline said.


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