The story and question about how and why did stephane Mbai’s parents seek asylum in Turkish as they fled attacks from boko haram in their village is still very much live.

News paper publication Liberation on its august 21st 2015 edition had a response to the indomitable lions of Cameroon captain, Stephane Mbia Etoundi’s, reply to their recently publication about Mr Mbai Etoundi’s family emigrating to turkey because of the attack boko haram, titled “When a footballer’s lie causes a diplomatic incident.”

The French newspaper outlet says Mbai is”A great Footballer who has a whimsical character capable of memorable projections, but this time Stephane Mbia probably went too far.The author of the article recalled the entire story and controversy evolving around Mbai’s family fleeing boko haram as it had previously reported.”Many Turkish and Cameroonian media including alafnet reported this dramatic story, though our reporter did not see any truth in the theory that mbai’s village was attack by boko haram more so because alafnet has minute by minute update on the war against tourism in Cameroon.

Liberation was also critical of the fact that Mbai’s village which is where his parents live stressing that it is some 1500km from the area attacked by boko haram, Liberation also quoted the Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon recent denial of the validity of the facts put down by Mbai’s family before obtaining their turkey visa in an interview with the columns, which we of this publication also hi-Lighted.With all the polemic surrounding the Mbai’s family, le jour newspaper author of the article of the 21 august said,

“I unfortunately can not answer all your questions. I have to say that there are things that will embarrass the Cameroonian people and the government. I am already very embarrassed by this case […] Part of the family is normally part but the rest, you should ask him and I have to told you that no Turkish newspaper may publish such information without checking.

“Liberation who has been in verbal change with the lions captain thinks that is was a wrong idea to use an invented boko haram attack as a means to reunite his family, its probably the wrong field.”


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