Mr Tassang Wilfred Secretary General of Cameroon teachers association (TAC)is in one of the Western Embassies in Yaounde. They will be providing him refuge for now,according to information relayed by Mark Bareta on his facebook page.

Alafnet.com understands the current Anglophone strike is growing more and more, stronger as announced by the Consortium last night after the arrest of Felix Ngongho Félix and Dr Fontem Neba both leaders of the Cameroon Civil Society Consortium.The Ghost Towns will continue next week every Mondays-Wednesdays.

In another news, We are told that Southern Cameroonians abroad and outside Anglophone regions have been mailing Mr Antonio Guterres is the UN Secretary General on the Human rights violation in the Republic of Cameroun and systematic illegal arrest and torture in Cameroon and yesterday’s arrest of Consortium President Barrister Agbor Nkongho Félix.

The UN General Secretary is to attend a security meeting about Africa this Friday in Ethiopia and Southern Cameroonians believe by drawing the attention of the General Secretary, Antonio Guterres  could raise the several arrests, killing, raping and torture by security forces of the Republic of Cameroun in the Northwest and Southwest Regions which are heavily militarized.

By Hillman Muntang.

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