Cameroon: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death,but life without purpose”

Southern Cameroons flag

My fellow youths of greater ambition,

Has this wicked Biya-led regime succeeded to make us insensitive towards our own needs?

Do we not suffer thesame injustices as Anglophone Youths of West Cameroon origin?

Then, why do we not join the movement to change this system where, we, the youths are enslaved?

Do we ignore the fact that Anglophone Teachers and Lawyers are fighting for a better system for everyone?

Have you or are you, your children, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends not benetting from the rigorous Anglo-Saxon training and culture?

This is the right time to spread the resistance to other French regions. We need to make our elected leaders and appointed administrators more accountable.

We must decry poverty, bad governance and impunity from the police, military, big businessmen and against all administrators who serve injustice to communities with little or no possibility of obtaining justice from an indemic corrupt judiciary.

We, Cameroonian youths all over must free ourselves from the 34 year grip to power of a selfish Biya-led CPDM regime that only seeks to fill the bellies of octogenarians who would not leave power. This is the time for us to stand up against them and make ourselves leaders of today.

What do we really celebrate on Youth day? Are we so glad to rejoice over our unemployment and hardship while regime ‘grand-fathers’ lavishly spend on our young girls and persistently sodomise young boys to ensure that our future is never assured.

Are we not aware that such is part of the regime’s diabolic means to give us false hopes for positions of “leaders of tomorrow” that only comes in our graves due to sexually transmitted diseases (or marks) with dilapidating health facilities which they provide for us? Afterall, they don’t do their medical check up here.

It is time for all youths and university students to start asking strong questions why success into certain training schools through concours are reserved only for the children of the very people who are responsible for our stark poverty. Some are even forced into those schools against their wish while we earnestly seek such positions through night-long studies. There is no longer a place for merit. And our grand-parents in government continue to insult us by slavishly throwing a colonial 2500FCFA for us to worship the regime on official days. Have we not sold ourselves for too cheap a price? Can we not say ‘No’ to that chicken feed and use our youth day to call for transparency in every sector of government business?

Can we not stand against Biya-led government that sows seeds repression even on social media to keep us at the trailing end of development?

Let us recall the tragic Eseka train crash where our brothers and sisters were slain by this French colonial businesman (Boloré) with instructions from Mebe Ngo’o their accomplice. Remember how our brave soldiers who served the Nation in Central Africa were not duly paid their salaries by this same Mebe Ngo’o. Let’s not forget so soon how many families are being slaughtered in the North because wicked Military Chiefs in Yaounde confiscate our soldier’s allowances and embezzle funds for military equipment sending our brave compatriots to fight terrorism with bear hands.

How can a regime like this ever work for our good? All they care for is the welfare of their next ten generations so they amass tax-payers money in private accounts.

My dear brothers and Sisters,
Arise and Stand up for what is right,
Be wise in this noble fight,
Seek victory against the evils of this regime,
For the enemy’s weapons are powerless in the face of our genuine and collective resistance.
Let us organise ourselves in schools, villages and communities to demand accountability from your mayors and parliamentarians.

The change we need is here for God is on our side!

By Nde Aguru Chief Editor

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