Cameroon :The Presidency of the Republic finally runs short of cash

Unity Palace

Reports reaching news desk says all temporary staff in the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon are very angry and some have even abandoned their job.

Many temporary agents were unable to take their monthly salary of December 2016, which ranges between 16,000 FCFA and 20,000 FCFA.Despite the fact that these employees had already accumulated many months of their wages in arrears,French Daily Le Quotidien L’Épervier Plus edition of the 16th of December , 2016 reported.

According to the source it was on the 9th of December 2016 that some temporary agents were invited to receive their December pay.

Almost half of the 2000 agents answered present for the cash collection but against all odds, while  payroll ceremony continued on December 14, 2016, those who were waiting on that day were informed by the usher that the payer no longer have cash.

They were told to wait until after the end of the year celebrations  when their wages will be available for collection.





The news has raised alot of concerns and many observers now wonder if the Presidency of the Republic is running out of liquidity.

With more than 2000 young people recruited as temporal staff just at the Presidency alone , it was foreseeable that at some point the state will  be confronted with difficulties related to the salaries of the latter.

Many of the temporary staff  have already abandoned their job and understands some of them prefer to be drivers of motorcycle taxis, rather than receiving irregular salaries from Presidency.

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