Cameroon :Two Common law lawyers summoned to Yaounde

Anglophone lawyers in Bamenda


The President of PM Yang’s ad hoc committee Jean-Pierre Fogue has specially invited Barristers Nkongho Félix Agbor Balla and Eyambe Elias Abai for the first working session of the ad hoc committee scheduled for Tuesday, December 27 in Yaounde.

The two common law lawyers from Fako and Meme divisions of the south West Region respectively who are not members of the Ad Hoc Committee,are part of the leaders of the Anglophone strike.

For the past two months, English speaking lawyers have been on strike and their absence has greatly disrupts the functioning of the courts in the Southwest and Northwest Regions and yet the CPDM Government choosed to invite two lawyers from the same Region clearly sidelining the other English speaking Region(NW).

Their mood is also one of the causes of the intense riots recorded in Anglophone Cameroon.

In order to get out of the crisis, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang, set up on December 22, 2016, set up an ad hoc committee chaired by Jean-Pierre Fogue, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, .

Within a time limit that has not been made public, the Ad Hoc Committee must consider and propose solutions to the concerns relating to the functioning of justice raised by English-speaking lawyers.






 has attached below the list of the members of the ad hoc Committee

Chairman: Jean-Pierre Fogue, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice

Gwanmesia George, Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice

Mr Ngnie Kamga, president of the National Bar

Mr Nico Halle President of the General Assembly of the Bar

Mr Assouombo Lucie, advisor to the Supreme Court

Mr Etah Besong, former President of the National Bar

Mr Harmony Bobga, -lawyer

Mr Mbah Eric, -lawyer

Mr Manda Rosalind- lawyer

Ntoko Ebah Justice- lawyer

Ngalle Miano, – lawyer

Kizito Dimkouba-lawyer

Mr Ndoki Dikoume Joshua- lawyer

Ntoumbe Soksè  Ngouah Njoh, -counsel

Mr Amah Zih Anthony Amah- counsel

Mr Fokoué Fongang Joseph, president of the Maroua Court of appeal.






Also expected to be in attendance are:the Attorney General at the Court of appeal of South West.

-Tanyi Tiku Mbaye, attached in the services of the Prime Minister

-The Deputy Director of monitoring lawyers in the direction of the judiciary to the Ministry of justice

-The chief of the division of the judiciary and court of Enam

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