Cameroon-UB student butt:How it all happened(video)


A source close to the University of Buea female student (name witheld)whose butt has been deformed as seen on the photo which has gone viral on the social media , she was flogged by close to ten police officers indiscriminately by the side of the road on Saturday 28 th of Monday , 2016,in the chief town of the South West Region of Buea.

video source says the victim is so traumatised and depressed following the beating.” She victim developed blisters after the batter which suddenly burst open.”Adding that,” friends and love ones have come in to support her.”

The victim also prefers to stay unanimous.This reporter thinks its definitely wise to concealed her identity because she is already depressed, it is ok for her to stay in private and get treatment.but she prefers her deformed butt be exposed on social media for the world to know. notes that students of the University of Buea were protesting against the non payment of the presidential grant of excellence given by the head of state Mr Paul Biya in the University campus when UB Vice-Chancellor, Dr Nalova Lyonga invited police into the campus. On the Governors instructions security forces invaded student hotels brutalising them.

The police brutality following the administrative order has been condemned world wide.

By Elad Pride


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