CHEMUTA DIVINE BANDA, Chairperson Human Rights and Freedoms.


After the blind release of a few arrested by security forces during the protest of 8th of December,2016 in Bamenda, is now getting reports that the chairman of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF) has send some worrying signal about the arrested Anglophone Youths transferred to Yaoundé .

According to our source  English desk news editor of equinox television, Nfor Hanson Nchanji, the Chairperson of Human Rights and Freedoms -Chemuta Divine BANDA says ” we counted 62 now Government Identified 54, We are worried 8 youths are presumed missing “.

This worrying news comes just a day after sources close to Kondengui prisons in Yaounde say Anglophone Youths transported by air by the Cameroon Army to the country’s capital, are not been treated fairly by authorities of the Yaounde based Prison.




They have been taken to the worst section of the Prison where the most hardened criminals  of the State are kept after germdarms  labeled them with the crime of burning of the Flag of Cameroon.

Most of them are in the WARD 9 of the prison and two of them, Amah Elvis and Tita Desmond are seriously sick and have been admitted at the dispensary where the two are lying on a single bed even though there are empty beds in the dispensary wards. The Doctors attending to them address them as ‘Les ANGLOFOOLS’, gathered.




While waiting for a full update from the National Commission of Human Rights and Liberties on the new development , it is vital to add in this report that the names of the 13 Anglophone youths arrested at the Commercial avenue in Bamenda during the protest of 8th of December,2016 still detained at the Kondengui prison are:
1- Tamngwa Malvin
2- Tambou Cedric

3- Nde Emmanuel
4- Muluh Sylvain
5-Tsi Conrad
6- Ngu Clinton
7- Timah Elvis
8- Ambe Chart
9- Fonkeng Evaritu
10- Nsoh Ringobert
11- Tah Emile
12- Amah Elvis (Very Sick)
13- Tita Desmond (Very Sick)

It is widely reported that some of these languishing in Kondengui Prison where arrested kilometres away from protest ground in their homes and may not have been part of the protest of that fateful day.

By Elad Pride

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