Cameroon:” We have forced the Biya gov’t to vomit back our internet” -Consortium

Southern Cameroons Restoration Scores Major Victory

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, we are here to celebrate a huge victory! We have forced the Biya government to vomit back our internet in spite of themselves. This is another sign that we are going to speed up the process of taking back our country from colonization.
We are on course and there is no turning back until victory at last!

Tonight is not a time to celebrate what had always been our right, God forced internet back today to enable us better mobilize towards marking the 56th anniversary of the UN general assembly vote for our independence. We still have to show solidarity to our clergy who have stood with us throughout this struggle.

This Friday April the 21st is the same day 56 years ago when the then US Ambassador – Zabloiski congratulated Southern Cameroonians on “attaining self determination”, and so we must all go out in great numbers with placards to mark this day. This Friday is a ghost town to free everyone to be part of the street action.

Concerning our clergy, be aware that the case has not been thrown out; a new date has been set in Biya’s mind and the secret is that the government plans to move the matter to Yaounde far away from you. All Christians must still come out this Friday to send a clearer message on how far we are ready to go. As for the University Games, they are not necessary as our children are not going to school.

Let us all be ready to fight right down to the last man standing.

God is with us!

The Consortium.,
Eyambe Elias – Deputy SG,
Tassang Wilfred – Programs Coordinator


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