Cameroon :Why Brenda Biya needs moral lessons

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The case has already been internationalized since its appearance on social networks.

Indeed, having been ejected from a taxi in the United States, the young Brenda Biya is said to have been a victim of racism.

The student at the University of California (UC IRVINE) 60 km from Los Angeles, revealed that to get there, 800 dollars is charged for a round trip (about 500,000 CFA francs), per day.

One can already get into the calculations. According to the Quotidien Emergence of this Thursday, February 4, 2016, “when our national starlet has university classes four times a week and should make this trip once or twice a day, we can deduce that taxi fares by the daughter of the Head of State costs about 1 to 2 million CFA francs each week which is Cameroonian taxpayers money 4-8000.000 per month and FCFA 48 to 96 million a year,” explains the newspaper.

Since then, the video posted on Snapchat has angered Cameroonians. The truth is that when a Cameroonian listens to statements made in this video, he or she is disgusted. 

This is because, according to a recent survey, 60% of Far North residents live below the poverty line. Besides this, many Cameroonians are dying because they have no means for medical bills, the newspaper said. And the list is non-exhaustive.

It is, therefore, urgent to reframe the girl. “We need to be taught that the presidential family is in all countries an institution whose actions are always spices, commented, criticized.”

Also, “she should learn to tame her anger with which she spoke in the video. Such videos can catch up later,” said the daily. So we would have to teach her the dos and don’ts because you cannot say everything

Source: CIN

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