Cameroon Widens Clampdown To Curb Anglophone Protests – YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT PAUL BIYA DID.
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After cutting off the English-speaking regions from the Internet, targeting media outlets and stripping Cameroon’s beauty queen of her crown for speaking her mind, the government has now set its sights on journalists.

The Cameroonian Government seems especially worried that word gets out into the world about the situation in Anglophone regions. Journalists working for the international media, including DW’s correspondent in Cameroon, have been threatened with sanctions if they report on the conflict. In the meantime, the media regulator CNC (Conseil National de la Communication) has warned media outlets that they could see their licenses revoked if they report favorably on separatist or federalist demands by the English-speaking minority. In a statement, the regulator wrote that allowing English-speakers to voice their grievances in the media is likely “to adversely affect the Republican system, unity and territorial integrity, and the democratic principles on which the state stands,” Journalists have reacted by accusing the CNC of trying to muzzle the press.

Cameroon Widens Clampdown To Curb Anglophone Protests – YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT PAUL BIYA DID.
The widening clampdown by President Paul Biya’s government aims at strangling a protest movement by a segment of the population that feels it is being politically and economically sidelined by the Francophone majority. Both French and English are official languages in Cameroon. But many in the two English-speaking regions claim they have been discriminated against since independence in 1961, for instance in education and judicial system. They do not feel adequatley represented in government and complain of an erosion of the Anglophone identity.

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