Fon John Samuel Njoya of Bamunka village Ndop

Reports in Ndop Ngoketunjia division says some wives and children of Gerndamarie officers have been kidnapped by unknown persons to unknown destination by the same tactics use by the regime since the current Anglophone Uprising erupted. correspondence in Bambili says information circulating around Ndop say the abduction of children and wives of military personnel maybe in response to the arrest of some close to 40 youths from Bamunka Ndop recently.No group has so far accepted responsibility for the kidnap.

Meanwhile, the villagers of Bamuka Ndop have given their Fon 48 hours to show up of he will be declared a personal nongratter in the village. Fon John Samuel Njoya has not been seen by villagers  after the the regime military shot indiscriminately in a video that went viral yesterday.

We are watching the situation in Ndop closely.

By Hillman MuntangMuntang.

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