Reports says prisoners in top security prison in Yaounde have been revolting saturday evening.
It all began at about 9 pm when a prison guard named Ebanga Cyrille entered the prison district 1, which is ucupied by some 500 detainees.

The latter who is reputed to be corrupt and specialist in scams and smuggling in to the prison,went to a former treasury inspector called Onana, who is detained in room 7 to ask for money. Onana refuses to give him any money. After some exchange of words Tension increased between the two men. It was then that Ebanga(the prison guard) gave two blows to the inspector of the treasure. The latter falls to the ground. The prison guard then took out his truncheon and beats the detainee. Seeing what had happened,a businessman detained in the same district as Onana,  went out and tells the other prisoners: “My children, we will died here.” on hearing this,almost all the prisoners of quarter 1  headed towards Ebanga Cyrille with clubs and pots. They encircle and neutralize him.

Other prison guards whistle to call the reinforcement. At that time the other prison guards, about twenty of them, entered the neighborhood 1 but were also neutralized by the prisoners and were unable to release their colleague. They started  negotiating. The manager of the Prison who lives next to the prison arrived with elements of the gendarmerie brigade who  succeeded in calming the tension.

It was only then that the commissioner entrusts to the prisoners that there is a plan designed by the prison guards to overthrow to solve the problem and begs the prisoners to return to their cells.

At 9.43 pm, whistles were still ringing in the courtyard of the nkondengiu central prison requesting the prisoners to return to their cells.

According to Boris Bertolt, a precarious calm now prevails there at the nkondengiu central prison .

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