Cameroon Youth Leaders demand release of arrested strikers

Cameroon Youth Association After Bamenda Meeting

According to the Post newspaper, the youths gathered at the Presbyterian Church Centre Ntamulung in Bamenda, North West Region Wednesday, December 14, 2016 in a press conference on the recent happenings and to propose way forward.

In his opening speech, the coordinator of the Cameroon Youth Association, Marcel Amabo Mutanga said like the biblical job, we have waited, we have waited, hoping that our fathers and leaders will solve these issues but we have instead watched with consternation, the massacre of our brothers, self-justification, and the use of national issues for selfish political interest.”

The Cameroon Youth leaders condemned all forms of violence in the expression of grievances and the maintenance of law and order.

The Post writes that the Youths also condemned the massacre of Anglophones or Southern Cameroonians by forces recruited to protect them.

Marcel Amabo declared, “We hereby demand the release of all those arrested in Bamenda, Kumbo and Kumba.”

The Cameroon Youth Association has promised to investigate into the real number of youths arrested, missing, wounded and to descend to the streets to sensitize the youths on how to go about the strike in civility so as to stay away from soldiers killing them.


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