Cameroon:10 regional Governors convened in Yaoundé

René Emmanuel Sadi

All governors of the ten regions of the country have beem summoned in Yaoundé by Miniter of territorial administration, René Emmanuel Sadi

Bearly Five months after the ten regional governors met in Yaoundé for their first semi-annual conference on administrative authorities, the implementation of the three-year contingency plan, local governance and the rule of law “,the regional heads are again meeting for the second annual conference of regional governors for the year 2016 at the Urban Community hall in Yaounde during which they will take part in the same deliberations.
 reports that from Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 December, The administrators will focus on the theme “Administrative authorities, budget reforms and the performance of public administration”.

No mention has been made of the issue of decentralization on the agenda of the Governors meeting , even though some political leaders believe that genuine decentralization could serve as an alternative to Anglophone demands,especially with regards the return to federalism.
Evangeline Sih

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