Mr Jean Jacques Ze, I used to admire your works while you were still with Canal 2,you inspired many young Cameroonians and continued to inspire them until last week when you revealed your true face in the wake of crises rocking the two English Speaking Regions.

You have apologized for using the Word ‘Deratisation’ in your beautiful write up on the 8PM News that day but I want to tell you that your apologies did not come from your heart,your apologies come as a result of heavy criticism on you and you are afraid that your image will be exposed in public for people to wash their hands on like public tap.

Why do I say this,I have carefully followed your write on Cameroon Info Net seen below:…/cameroun-mea-culpa-accuse-de…

You did not only use ‘Deratisation’, you said the striking Anglophones are:
Enemies of the State who are out to Destabilize Cameroon
Have a Network of Mafia
And above all the famous Deratisation meaning eliminating Rats!!!

These words alone shows that you have already used their heads through the Guillotine ,judge them and condemned even before they appear before the Judge.

Today you dare say you are sorry??? Sorry because people forced you to say so.
I am not against the Government seeking lasting solutions to these problems but as a Journalist of your caliber you are supposed to allow the law take its course. Some leaders have been arrested,it will be of interest to let Government follow procedure.

What you just did is more than what Jean Ping and Ghadaffi did because they are politicians, but YOU as a Journalist is supposed to be neutral.
I do not need to teach you Journalism because i believe you know BUT watch out, do not bring another Radio Mille Collines in Cameroon.
You need to apologize using same medium which you used to pass judgement before judgement day.
I urge all Journalists to be responsible in reporting during this crucial period in our History, Lets be RESPONSIBLE.

NFOR Hanson Nchanji

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