Cameroon:Anglophone Army General silently replaced at the head of presidential security

Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon.
A Source close to Etoudi has hinted that president Paul Biya has tighten his personal security  in Unity palace in Etoudi -Yaounde recently and the Anglophone Army General Ivo Desancio Yenwo has been silently removed from his lead role at the department of presidential security and replaced by a Beti born lieutenant .
Described by some Southern Cameroonian activists as another clear marginalization,Mr. Biya’s trust for Anglophones is over and presently all messages at the presidency of the Republic go through Minister incharge of civil cabinet Martin Belinga Eboutou.Our informer says the  movements of the Prime Minister Philemon Yang and other top Anglophones around Biya are carefully scrutinized.Earlier today, social media went ballistic following reports some top security officials confirm that they are standing with the Anglophones and that they have a GENUINE and PEACEFUL  fight.



Etoudi is in Panic about the current situation in English speaking Cameroon and Biya who now spends sleepless nights ,is very angry with all Anglophone elites in his government because of  their inability to convince the Anglophone youths to abandon the fight federation or independence and the economy  is falling apart.Reasons the regimes barons are heading to Bamenda  with bags of money in a desperate attempt to frustrate the Anglophone fight.




Press reports after the South west ,some influential elements of the 34 year old regime of Mr.Biya are in Bamenda with a plan to use tax payers money to bribes traditional rulers.First class Fons to receive Fcfa  2 million each while 2nd class get 1.5million Fcfa to forestall the aspirations of the people, contrary to their role as custodians of the collective will of the people.

Ahead of a planned meeting with PM Yang tomorrow 27th of December with teachers in Bamenda, the regime has big envelops line-up for those who will attend.

by Hillman Muntang

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