Cameroon:Anglophone Bishops Say Catholic Schools Have Never Been Closed Despite The 2 months Strike understands that following the press release by the Anglophone bishops,
Father  Alex Sob,the Catholic Education Secretary for Buea has today signed a communique read over radio Buea calling for schools to resume on Friday 10 Febuary,2017. Despite the continues indiscriminate arrest ,the Catholic Education Secretary for Buea say parents to allow their kids to take part on 11 Feb celebrations.Reports says after a meeting with the colonial governor Okalia Bilai ,Father Sob has also invited teachers and principals for a meeting on Thursday 9 Feb 2017 to discuss the issue.

Following the communique, A parent talking to says he has 2 sons(ages 19 and 12) the eldest was arrested on his way to a shop to buy milk and bread early morning 6th of Janaury,2017 in Bamenda.His son whose only crime was going to buy food for the family, was  latter taken to Yaounde prison .Since then he has not allowed the younger son to go out for any reason.He vows he can not left “this happen to his boy”.





by  Hillman Muntang

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