Cameroon:Anglophone Consortium Says Two states rederation is “The only way” as the People’s Strike continues

PM lodge Buea

Teachers and Lawyers consortium have declared that the strike is no more a Lawyer or Teachers strike but a way of life and culture of the Anglophone people.

The Consortium which stands with the people of Anglophone Cameroon  have finally seen that it is a People’s Strike that this is now beyond the hands teachers and lawyers .

Announcing that the Ghost Town begins Monday 12 of December, 2016 the consortium says All Taxis, Cars, Shops etc should remain closed.

The People of the English-speaking part of Cameroon are advised to  stays indoors, according by them.In the press release signed 9th December 2016 of which has attached a copy below, they  maintained that the people are asking for a return to two state federation.


The consortium further declared that  the CDPM government can kill  but they cannot kill the Anglophone spirits and are calling all Anglophones to join on board.

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