Mr. Christoph Hans Messner  has warned all ANGLOPHONE FACTIONS to immediately united to avoid extinction.In a recent message to all Ambazonians world wide ,he says every single action now is important.The German who is involved in the German resistance against the wrong way of New World Order has a strong interest in the fight for Ambazonia .He had encouraged  Southern Cameroonians that the current strikes in West Cameroon must continue. In an letter to former British Cameroonians of which obtained a copy, Christoph Messner who months ago published a 10 action plan for Ambazonians to be free writes,

Christoph Hans Messner

All factions, parties and tribes of Ambazonia need to unite to avoid extinction! But don’t unite with parties who collaborate with the illegitimate Biya regime, because they are the extinguishers! And keep your confidence, that as long as full independence and defense of Ambazonia are not reachable in one big leap or quick fight, the tactic of the many little steps can also reach the goal.
Every single action is important. Every tiny enlightenment of a fellow Ambazonian, every winning of a foe as friend, every little increase of resistance power, every demonstration before political institutions and media outlets, every outspoken truth against outright lies, every unification before the common enemy, every convincing of friends and foes to quit loyalty to Biya regime, every donation to the Ambazonian leaders, every solidarity action for political prisoners, every sabotage of the enemy’s supply routes, every tiny little step is important. Also the spiritual resilience of a people is essential for its survival.
Long live Ambazonia!”
By Edomnd Tambe

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