Cameroon:Anglophone Lawyers yet to comment on the communique of restitution of their robes by the DO of Buea

Anglophone Lawyers is getting reports that the Divisional Officer (DO) of Buea Kouam Wokam Paul has issued a release calling on lawyers whose robes and wigs were seized during the Common Lawyer striker of 10th of November 2016,to report to his office and identify their properties for collection.

On the communique signed 2nd December, 2016 addressed to the President of the South West Branch of the Cameroon Bar Association, under the care of the State Counsel General of the South West Court of Appeal ,civil administrator -Kouam Wokam said the exercise will begin from Wednesday December 14th, 2016.




Though the lawyers are yet to issue a statement on the matter recalls that the lawyers on their robes were brutalized  ,their robes ,phones and wigs ceased by forces of the regime during a peaceful protest on the streets of the municipality of Buea.

below is the press release by the DO of Buea.


The reasons for the call for restitution call has not been made public but it is no secret that since the police brutality on lawyers ,Yaounde has been under heat from international bodies who are demanding answers.

Could that be the reasons for the call for restitution by  Kouam Wokam?



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