Cameroon:Anglophone Teachers refuse to correct exams scripts in Yaounde

Another anglophone crisis seems to be emerging this time around in Yaounde , after that of the two English speaking regions which has paralyzed the former West Cameroons since November 2016.

On Tuesday 16 th of May, 2017,Unhappy by the reduction of the cost of marking each paper from 60 francs last year to 33 CFA francs this year,Anglophone teachers refuse correct scripts of the Common Entrance .They are protesting the drastic reduction of their expected pay for this task.

In the courtyard of the public school of the administrative center in Yaoundé this Wednesday, May 17, 2017, English teachers who answered present did not correct a single paper. Wearing angry expressions on their faces, they could be heard speaking out their mind;

last year, the costs of correcting each common entrance paper reduced by half, from 120 CFA francs to 60 francs and this Wednesday, May 17, 2017 while they were present to start the marking, they learn from the regional delegate of basic education for the center that this year again they have to face another reduction. Reduction according to which each teacher should receive only 33 CFA francs per corrected copy.

This time, the anglophone teachers think its an impossible pill to swallow . Especially given that no justification has been given for the reduction costs of corrections to this examination.

Based on a Prime Minister’s text that sets the fee for correction of the Common Entrance fee at 120 CFA francs, the angry teachers hammer that no copy will be corrected under these conditions.



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