Cameroon:Anglophone youth stabbed by police officer for planning to match on Jan 2nd in Menji, Lebialem.

Mr. Nkengasong Theodore Nwetbefua, a die-hard opposition militant had gone home that faithful evening but couldn’t find his brothers. Someone tipped him that the brothers had been arrested for lack of possession of their ID cards. Upon arrival at the MENJI Police Station, the police officers were brutalising his brothers. He politely went to question the reason for such battery but the arrogant police officers (speaking in French) told Theordore that they also had him (Theodore) on their list… and that they were happy he’d turned himself in. The police said he’d been blacklisted for planning to organise a protest march in Menji on Jan. 2, 2017. Theodore tried to defend himself in vain. He only regained consciousness at the Mary Health of Africa Hospital, Menji, Lebialem.
It is important to note that this incident happened on Christmas Day. This writer had been informed but insisted that they send pictures to corroborate their claims. Poor internet connections in Lebialem delayed the forwarding of the pictures.

Theodore is currently in a stable condition. Please, call him and give him hope and morale support: 679920259.
By the time of publishing this story on facebook, the only name we got of the police officer who masterminded the assault is Charles.
My reaction: These guys are forces of lawlessness and disorderliness and NOT the other way round. We hope human rights bodies are taking note ….
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