Cameroon:Bamenda II Council burgled

Bamenda II Council

The Bamenda II Council situated in Mankon was, Thursday night breaking Friday, January 29, burgled and its offices ransacked.

According to the Bamenda II Mayor, Fidelis Balick Awa, the bandits rounded up four hefty night watchmen, bound them and locked them in a dark room.

After disarming the night watchmen, the thieves reportedly broke open one of the main doors, removed the metal grill protectors and went on to raid the 17 offices of the Council.

Reports say the burglars stole money, laptops, desktop computers and other valuables.

“What they collected from my table were a few coins because I do not keep money in my office. They made away with my I-pad, which my son gave me, my computer, laptops. My 1st Deputy complained of losing FCFA 65.000; the Secretary General of the Council lost FCFA 21.000 and the cashier, FCFA 25.000.

“The bandits turned every envelope in the drawers inside-out, probably in search of money which was nowhere to be found. We believe that the forces of law and order will recover all these items, especially the computers,” Balick said.

The Bamenda II Council building is isolated and not fenced.

Mayor Balick said the night watchmen have been receiving regular training and were positioned to take care of the four walls.

“But I am disappointed that none of them could escape to alarm the nearby neighbours when they noticed that the thieves were around,” Balick said.

Source:The post Newspaper

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