Fon John Njoya Samuel of Bamuka-Ndop

More than 200 West Cameroonians form every works of life (children ,woman and men )are presently gathered at the palace of Bamuka Ndop demanding the release of those arrested on the 8th of February by forces of the regime on instruction of his HRH Fon John Samuel Njoya ,following the burning of part of the francophone section of GBHS Ndop and a bridge leading to the school for failling to abide to the current Anglophone strike.The Fon of Bamuka had ordered the arrest of all Youths in Ndop calling them “bangar’ smokers. correspondent in Bamali Ngoketunjia Divison who is covering the situation in Bamuka Ndop says the former superintendent of customs(HRH Njoya S John) came out this morning and requested the protesters to write a list of all those arrested.In response the population question if the Fon had a list before ordering the arrest of thier son loves.They have vow not even one of those arrested will not lost ‘.A protester could be heard saying “It is an open secret in Ndop that but for a daughter and a son all the Fon’s kids  are in the US”. 

Hundreds of Anti roit police, gendarmes are currently stastioned outside the Fon’s residence and since last night Ndop has been heavily militarized but there has been no further arrest .Contrary to rumours that the Fon’s palace has been set ablaze,as of this hour can confirm the fon is still in his palace and both his private residence and the palace  have not been burnt, even though the population had  released a circular that if by Friday they can’t see their brothers and children, the Fon’s palace or home will be burnt.On the rumour that the governor of the Northwest Lele Lafrique has ordered the release of those arrested the population have not seen any reasons they are protesting.

Unconfirmed reports suggest  those arrested are not Bamenda. like all arrested during the current crisis sources say they are enroute to Yaounde for an alleged crime committed in a jurisdiction that has the capacity to detained and try them.

by Hillman MUNTANG


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