Cameroon:Barr. Bobga Harmony joins Southern Cameroonian protest in America(Video)

Barrister Bobga Harmony has entered the United States of America
Barrister Bobga Harmony has successfully arrived the USA two days ago, Despite all attempts by La Republique to arrest him, he succeeded to elude their forces of lawlessness and disorder.

He has promised to continue putting pressure on the regime from the United States. He says he will be meeting with some members of the US government in the coming days to discuss the on going crisis and the repressive tactics being used by the Biya regime on Southern Cameroonians who are fighting for equality, fairness and freedom.

On the video attached by below, the Consortium leader talking to RT journalist insist Southern Cameroonians will be headed to the United Nations to complain and Sue UK for Baptisting the current Anglophone marginalization .



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