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By Jeff Ngawe, August 03, 2015

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Bernard Muna, National President of the Alliance of Progressive Forces, APF party, has vowed that he can never get back to the Social Democratic Front, SDF party. Muna, a onetime Campaign Manager to John Fru Ndi, SDF Chairman and Presidential candidate in the 1992 Presidential Election, told reporters that he would be a fool if he goes back to join the SDF. “I would be a capital fool, if I join the SDF,” the APF National President said.

Muna was speaking on August 01, at the Political Bureau meeting of the APF that held at the Council Hall in Mbengwi, Momo division, North West Region.

“The SDF and I are like night and day,” he said. He described the SDF as a party full of liars. “The hallmark of the SDF is centred on lies telling,” Muna said.  “We must tell the truth to our children about our history. Only the truth can set us free,” Muna stressed.

Elaborating on why he brandishes his former political party in such derogatory terms, he cited the book published by the SDF on the eve of its 25th anniversary as full of lies. “Bernard Muna is a founding member of the SDF, but the book and its authors have failed to recognize this fact,” Muna noted. “I will have nothing to do with a party and people who live on lies and dish out wrong things about our history.”

About the APF and the way forward for Cameroon, Ben Muna said his party and its militants have become tired and fed up with the same results year in year out, after every elections in the country. “Cameroon politics has not been fair. In the present disposition, the APF and other parties have no head way,” Muna noted. “We need to change strategies. We can’t abandon the fight for a just and strong political society. If we abandon, then the young generation behind us is finished,” he stated.

However, Muna added that; “No country in the world got genuine democracy on a platter of gold. The French took long years. The Americans took long years. So don’t think that ours will come without struggle. Cameroon politics is failing for the time being, but will not fail forever,” the politician noted.

In the meantime, Alice Sadio, Secretary General of the APF party, said what is preoccupying the Political Bureau of APF is the organization of a renaissance congress. “This congress will chart a new beginning for the APF,” Sadio stated. “We must stay focused and fight for the restitution of true democracy in our country,” she noted. 

 Meanwhile, in a chat with the Cameroon Journal, Fonani Jonas, Divisional Coordinator for APF in Momo Division and lone Councilor for APF in Mbengwi Council, refuted claims that he has resigned from APF and joined the National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP, of Bello Buba Maigari.

Fonani said such allegations were the handiwork of his detractors who want to “give me a bad name and hang me.” He said the APF is doing well in Momo division, reason why the party’s enemies are at work to set confusion. “They will not succeed,” he said.

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