Cameroon:BESSI Women in BATIBO refuse free women’s day fabrics from Minister MBAH ACHA ROSE

Minister Mbah Acha

Women in BESSI in BATIBO Sub-division, Northwest Region have reportedly refused free women’s day fabrics from Madame Mbah Acha Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Control.

Eric Tataw hinted, a CPDM militant who accompanied the minister to Bessi quoted the women as saying they wouldn’t be celebrate women’s day when west Cameroon children are in jail for a just course.

The news of the Minister  embarking on free sharing of the Women’s day cloth comes after reports from Mamfe, Buea, Tiko, Mundemba, Ekondo Titi, Kumba, Bamenda, Kumbo, Mbengwi etc,say the population had treated the sale of the women’s day fabric as a non-event.

Women’s Day preparations has suffered the biggest blow ever in Anglophone Cameroon as women don’t even want to talks about it. Our women are angry,a reporter noted.

By Hillman Muntang

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