Cameroon:Biya appoints an Anglophone to the post of Public Prosecutor at the Bamenda court of first instance

Paul Biya

The President of the Republic of Cameroon Wednesday Jan.4th 2017 signed a decree appointing prosecutors in various parts of the country.

In what seems like a response to part of  the demands of English-speaking lawyers,the head of state appointed  an English-speaking magistrate Mr FON Ignatius MBAFOR (maticule -543 117-J) to the post of Public Prosecutor at the prosecutor’s office of the courts of first and major instance of Bamenda.

After obtaining the English version of the OHADA law, the common law lawyers won another victory with today’s  appointment by Biya.Fon Ignatius replaces Nchang Augustin Amongwa a Francophone transferred to Ngaoundere (Adamaoua) as Avocat General.

For about three months, the courts in the Northwest and Southwest, the English-speaking Regions of the country, operated without English-speaking lawyers.

The latter are on strike demanding among other things an English version of the OHADA uniform acts and protest against the assignment in the courts of these regions by francophone magistrates who have no  mastering in the principles of Common Law. recalls that last November, during a press conference held in his office, Laurent Esso, the Minister of Justice, reported that the Head of State, President of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, Not remained indifferent to the demands of the common law lawyers .

“Following the mood swings, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, has ordered the preparation of the States-General of Justice in which all the problems raised by Lawyers and many more will be examined.

It turned out that the claims were not completely unfounded with respect to proficiency in the language, but not with the technical competence of the magistrates concerned. There was the problem of the inability of certain French-speaking magistrates affected in the North-West and South-West Regions to express themselves in English or to master the principles of common law which would still be applicable.

The President of the Republic has therefore decided to give another function to the senior magistrate concerned, and to replace him with another magistrate whose profile is better adapted to the situation. With regard to the announced  to the States-General of Justice, the first phase of data collection has already been completed. And the work of synthesis is being finalized, “declared the keeper of the seals.


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