President Biya of Cameroon is getting reliable information from a source very very close to Etoudi,that the Biya regime  has sent agents with bags of money travelling through the South-West and to the North-West regions, to bribe traditional leaders to abandon the Anglophone strike and the call for an independent Southern Cameroons.




According  to our informer (name withheld) ,the 34 years old regime of President Biya has already ‘valued‘ the consciences of the Fons of the North West  region even before meeting them .

From the 26th of December ,2016 the agents have been instructed to personally give Fon Angwafo III of Mankon  2 million Fcfa. Other First class Fons of the region are also expected to receive 2 million Fcfa each while 2nd class Fons 1.5 or 1 million respectively from the  committee heading the money distribution. informer (name withheld) also informs that in Kumba ,when the Paramount  ruler of the Bafaw people Chief HRH Fon Victor Mukete  refused the bride from the CPDM government saying no amount of money will buy his conscience to abandon the Anglophone spirit during a private meetings at his residence ,The team from Yaounde immediately knew they will be chasing their shadows in the  mission to buy traditional leaders of English speaking Cameroon .

On clarification on the 5 million to some Chiefs of the South West region ,reported by Cameroon concord News on Christmas day ,our source says First class chiefs of the South West region were to each to receive  400,000 Fcfa, 2nd class 300,0000 Fcfa,3rd class 250,000 to buy their consciences over on the anglophone course. Our source insisted the 34 Chiefs present  refused money.

Even after the influential elements of the regime said the money was a Christmas bonus the Chiefs of the South West still refused and not even the Second Class Chief of Mbonge Marumba could  accepted.

by Evangeline Sih.



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