Cameroon:Biya given two options by France as elf stands to lose BAKASSI

As West Cameroon proofs to be very bent on achieving current demands which is just part of a bigger picture of the Anglophone problem,a very credible source from Yaoundé has revealed that the French are extremely nervous of the possibility that the lucrative part of Cameroun may soon break away in these unfolding crises.

The source disclosed that President Biya had assured France that he was going to pull it off soon but events are seemingly getting out of the President of the Republic of Cameroun’s control even with the French Advisors encamped in Yaoundé.

The intransigence of the Consortium has baffled the Biya government and the French alike despite the bribery and intimidation tactics used, the source said who further disclosed that Biya angrily said that if a favorable deal is not  gotten from the Consortium before the end of the coming week and from the Lawyers to keep the One and Indivisible Cameroun under Yaoundé control bad things will happen to the two Anglophone regions.

The source said that two proposal are being seriously considered and are being examined by the French Advisors and Elf Oil Company had sent their Deputy Director and Security Director to join President Biya’s Strategy Group in Yaoundé. Remember that Elf will lose billions of Euros in Bakassi Oil fields if Southern Cameroons walks away.

If the talks fail, President Biya may invoke Emergency Measures in the country’s constitution to suspend the constitution and enact decrees that will ban protests by teachers’ unions, lawyers, doctors’ union, civil society, and political parties,according to the source who claimed unanimousity.


The other proposal which is favored by the French is to stage a fake Coup d’Etat and let the majority of Beti and Boulou Generals take control of Cameroun and suspend the constitution, ban all labor union and political activities for several years. This move will effectively halt the Anglophone movements to secede.

The Generals will replace all the Governors and Senior Divisional Officers. It will be a despotic state and France will recognize it and lobby her allies to do so. The military regime will practice Biyaism without the Biya face.

Under the same plan, Biya and his family will be flown out of Cameroun safely with everything he asks for. This source also said that General Ivo Yengo has been bushed aside on purpose for the sole reason to shield him from the wrath of the Nsoh people if Wirba is killed or if a Coup takes place.

If the Coup option prevails, Generals and Non Commissioned Officers will each receive from 80 million to 5 million francs cfa cash paid for by various stakeholders in Cameroun. Etoudi and the French Advisors are feverishly looking for the smoking gun to implicate extremist anglophone groups to justify the employment of either of these options if all else fails to keep the status quo.

Interestingly, this is a mole in their “House”. The source confessed that a respectable and experienced anglophone doctor saved the life of his/her family member after he/she had spent over 6 million francs cfa in Cameroun and France without success. This anglophone doctor cured his/her family member but refused the money given to him. This anglophone doctor told this mole to do good where and when it is asked of him/her.

The mole said he/she has benefited from the regime in power a lot financially but he/she owes this anglophone doctor a duty to save even one member of his family should mayhem visit the anglophone regions. Of which he/she truly admires and respects our culture and way of life.

On a final note the mole cautioned that we should follow the nonviolent path we are on because it has worked and will continue to work without provoking an onslaught of military retaliation on our people.

He/she urges us to pray and do more public relations at home and abroad because not too many people know about the anglophone problems in Cameroun.

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