Cameroon:Biya has no plans to bow to Anglophone problem & Contemplates the Death Sentence consortium leaders

Paul Biya

The President of Cameroon Mr Paul Biya has no plans to bow to international pressure on the current Anglophone problem and is even  contemplating death Sentence on the arrested consortium leaders.
This revelation was made public by a ‘Presidential Leak’ from an unimpeachabl source close to Biya on the Fate of Abducted Consortium Leaders revealed  Akoson Pauline on her Facebook page.

“He’d initially declined talking to me on this issue but his wife (a former classmate) impressed on him who succumbed on condition of using a ‘one time-use-only SIM card’ on both ends.

In fact, during our school days, I played an instrumental role in getting them together. Perhaps, old time’s sake contributed to soften him.

I will publish a series of what we discussed about in subsequent write ups but first, I will limit this edition on the deliberate adjournments of the court cases against our Consortium leaders because I find it most important to me and the revelations are frightening.

Amongst other things, I asked him why the numerous adjournments and whether our leaders could be released anytime soon. This is what he had to say “…it is a tactic to get you guys tired and give up. We have a timeline but do not expect any verdict in the forseeable future…” I quickly interrupted, “if the strike is not called off”? His response, “this is a very very serious matter. You may be taking it lightly. President has no plans to bow. The death penalty is even contemplated to set as an example to silence others”.

Me: “But those guys arrested are not terrorists. Biya’s men dialogued with them and then resorted to arrest them”.

Him: “We want to put an end to any future riots especially as there are elections next year”.

Me: “Will Biya stand for the elections?”

Him: “He is a Cameroonian. He has the right to stand”.

Me: “What if elections are rigged and people of La Republique stage a country wide revolution. Do you think you have the capacity to quell that?

Him: “We have the anti terrorism law in place”.

Me: “I hope you know we have two separate countries. If you argue, at least, we have two distinct legal systems. Why not try them in Buea and Bamenda?

Him: “They committed a crime against the state so Yaounde has the competence”.

Me: “May you quote the law”?

Him: “I am not a lawyer”.

Me: “Ayah Paul wasn’t arrested. He was abducted?”

Him: “His case is complicated. Certain legal provisions were violated. Laurent Esso informed us only after the arrest. We will fix things”

Me: “Fix? How?”

Him: “What complicates issue is. …

Me: “…that his arrest is unlawful? Does Biya know Esso has disgraced Cameroon?”

Him: “Yes. We will fix things. But he knows alot. There are certain things he shouldn’t say in the media”.

Me: “Hope you know that I am not a Camerounian”.

Him: “Laughs”

Me: “Seriously”.

Him: “I am not interested to discuss that. If no more question, we go”.

Me: “You have changed alot. … Supporting wrong things. You weren’t like this when you cane visiting Rita at school”. (Rita is not the real name. I protect her identity).

Him: “Its not about me. Its about the state. I fight to protect this country. I don’t know about you.

Me: “I fight to protect my country, the Southern Cameroons”.

Him: “We are not fighting”.

Sensing frustration on his tone and fearing he could drop the call, I decided to change the topic to get him lighten up abit.

Me: “How is Rita? Hope you guys are good.

Him: “She is doing great. She is heavy now”.

Me: “Yeah, she told me. ‘Felicitation’. Wish its a girl”

Him: “Laughs”.

After this, I introduced another set of questions that revealed more about the struggle. Stay tuned! Please share this conversation so the world nows the evil plans Biya is nursing”,AKOSON posted.


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