Cameroon:Biya responds to U.S warnings of current violation of human rights in the Anglophone regions.


Mr Paul Biya who is actively present on social media (twitter and Facebook),Yesterday posted a statement which believe is a responds to the U.S. Department of State warning of repressing alternative voices and violating human rights in the ongoing protest against Anglophone marginalization .

Bearly hours after the warning from the U.S, President Paul Biya,was on his Facebook page to disguise his fear of the U.S. deep concern.

“Despite the many challenges ahead, we achieve significantly and concrete progress each and every day, in areas such as the advancement of the rule of law, the furtherance of freedoms and the preservation of human rights,” Mr. Biya, 83, writes.

Below is screen shot of what the Cameroonian lead wrote.

The U.S department of State was responding to the marshal law imposed on  English Speaking Cameroon by the CPDM regime..

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