Cameroon:Biya’s Regime Backs the Domination of Youths (British Southern Cameroonians)

Paul Biya during a speech marking 11/2/ celebrations

images (3)Youth during 11/February 2015 match celebration

Policy makers and Citizens of La Republique du Cameroun have masterminded the subjugation of the people of the British Southern Cameroons for more than half a century. Their age-old policy of treating these peace-loving people as subjects has been institutionalised by successive Yaoundé regimes, who implore the most devious means to maintain Southern Cameroonians as second-class subjects.

Recalling, that the 11th of February was Plebiscite day in the British Cameroons, it is expected that such a day should have a more significant character that respects the historical decisions of the people. Instead, this important plebiscite day has been nicely branded ‘National Youth Day’, referring to the mindset of Southern Cameroonians as being ‘immature and incapable of handling their affairs’. Or what else could be the reason for the appellation?

The annual address to ‘youths’ on the 10th of February should not be a surprise at all. It was initially intended to honour the will of the people to ‘join’ La Republique. But like a master’s promise to his youth, Biya’s addresses to his ‘youths’ (Southern Cameroonians) are mere statements intended to give hope to the ‘youth’, and not to be implemented. This falsified ritual is repeated every year to remind ‘youths’ that as leaders of ‘tomorrow’, they could always count on the ‘mentorship of the elderly’, who remain the masters of today. It is therefore incumbent on youths to seek solutions to their problems by working for their independence.

By Derick Jumbog

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