Cameroon:Blood Thirsty Musonge Invokes Genocide, Asks Southwesterners to Pick up Arms Against Northwesterners

After realizing with dismay the effectiveness of the weekly ghost town strike action in Anglophone Cameroon despite complete shutdown of internet services, and abduction of Consortium leaders, the Biya’s regime is now employing the use of genocidal language and tactics aimed at setting division between Northwesterners and Southwesterners.

This was the theme of almost all the messages delivered at the meeting convened by former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge at the Buea Mountain Hotel last Thursday, February 2.

Just like Milles Collines, a Radio and television journalist believed to have provokedthe Rwandan genocide after he called on Hutus to annihilate Tutsis, Musonge and his team used similar language aimed at inciting Anglophones against each other.

Speaker after speaker, from Musonge himself to Mayor Ekema, Nalova Lyonga, Atem Ebako, Nnoko Mbele and many others, the message was one; attack North Westerners in every part of the South West, their properties, and businesses. Close to the rhetoric that led to the Rwanda genocide, Musonge and team, referred to Anglophones from the North West as the enemies in the house just like Milles Collines described minority Tutsis as cockroaches that needed to be annihilated.

To all the speakers at the Musonge conference, “Bamenda people are the root cause of all the hardship they are suffering in the South West,” and

sending “Bamenda people away will clear the way for South Westerners, whom they described as peace loving people, to take their destiny in their hands and forge on the path of development.” They said.

Musonge himself was clear and categorical; “It is time for the South West to take its destiny back after being hijacked by violent Bamenda people.” He said.

Nnoko Mbelle Celvin, former Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council even went as far as inviting all South West elites to create vigilante groups in their communities aimed at flushing out North Westerners.

They all reechoed a long unpopular slogan of former South West Governor, another regime lackey, Oben Peter Ashu who recently passed away. Ashu had on several occasions while he served as South West Governor, referred to North Westerners as “cam no go.”

Observers are concerned that such divisive gov’t’s tactics aimed at resolving the crisis are instead fuelling the strike action and hardening the mines of Anglophones.

Majority of the leaders of the crisis movement, it should be noted are not from the North West. Majority are South westerners, a fact that Musonge and his group did not want to mention.


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