Cameroon:Camair-Co cancelling flight after flight, is the company closing down?

camair-co plane

News reaching says  the Cameroonian national airline (Camair-Co), Has been cancelling several   international flights or domestic through out this week.


Camair-Co aircrafts,  the two MA-60s, two Boeing 737-300s and the Boeing 767-700 have  been grounded due to unpaid bills or technical concerns and since Monday, management of Camair-Co, has been canceling  flights after another .


Information reveals that the technical partners of the national airline, have now embarked on a payment before any service option because of pilling debts.

In addition to this, the fake Boieng Consulting plan, approved by the Head of State,is not doing any good to the state owned airline company.And Many Cameroonians now believe the Camair-Co is in its last days.


In the  struggle for survival in the past few days the company  recorded just one  national flight yesterday and Saturday morning respectively . Also sources within Camair-Co confirm that there was a chartered plane for an international flight this Saturday evening.


On his part Ernest Dikoum has tried to regain control of the situation . Firstly to  move the company’s as of December 23,  the general management in Akwa to Bonanjo. The Reason understands is because of the high cost of monthly rent paid to Akwa. A little more than 17 million FCFA per month.

By Hillman Muntang

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