Cameroon:Canadian MP ask his Government to intervene in the human rights violation on Anglophones

A Canadian Member of Parliament(MP) has written to his government concerning the gross human rights violation in Anglophone Cameroon. This is coming after the USA expressed concerns. The MP in parts wrote

” So it is especially with these recent events in mind, that I call on you, our Canadian leaders, to speak out against the abuses of human rights, and the brutality that is currently happening in Bamenda, the capital of the North West Region, and Buea, the capital of the South West Region of Cameroon.

The leaders of the protests, many of whom are teachers and lawyers, have consistently called for peaceful protests and meaningful dialogue to address their concerns.

Despite these loud and clear calls for peaceful protest, there is evidence that government forces have acted well beyond what should be expected, using tear gas, beatings, and arbitrary detention.

Please use your respected voices to call on President Biya, Prime Minister Yang, and others in the Cameroon government to protect the human rights of Cameroon citizens, and to clearly defend the laws of their country that respect human rights and the freedom to speak out.

They should not tolerate misconduct by their forces in the streets. Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Mr. Philomen Yang, had a long and distinguished diplomatic stay in Ottawa. I hope that he especially would be receptive to hearing your concerns….”

Attached is a full copy of the letter by Canadian member of parliamentfb_img_1480866352542fb_img_1480865095777



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