Cameroon:Christian Tumi accuses PM Yang of refusing a frank & sincere dialogue with Anglophones in Bamenda.

Cardinal Christian Tumi


Cardinal Christian Tumi has  reacted to the current crisis in English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The retired Arch- Bishop of Duoala who has been an open critic of the CPDM regime accused PM Philemon Ebua Yang of refusing a frank and  sincere dialogue with Anglophones on  Bamenda.

PM Philemon Yang

In an interview broadcast on 6 and 7 December 2016 on the airwaves of Radio balafon, emitting Douala, Tumi  reiterated that there is an Anglophone problem in Cameroon, gathered.

The former Archbishop of Garoua and Douala added that” it is possible that unconsciously, those who govern us do not know that there is an Anglophone problem.”

He illustrated this notion with a story about a former French leader Charles de Gaulle,who while responding to a claim from Cameroon , had asked his Cameroonian interlocutor “English for what?”.

Christian Tumi argues that the fate of Anglophones in Cameroon is very important . “Since then, we have tried to erase what is Anglo-Saxon unconsciously. I keep saying unconsciously, “insists the man of God.

Christian Tumi, himself an Anglophone also echoed an opinion  that Ni John Fru Ndi would have led Cameroon in 1992 if he was a Francophone.




“You know what happened in 1992. Many Cameroonians are now convinced that whoever won the elections in 1992 was an Anglophone : Fru Ndi. And many are convinced that if Fru Ndi was French speaking, he would have been the President of Cameroon today following the events of 1992. True or false I do not know. ”

Returning to the crisis of recent weeks in the northwest and southwest,the respectable stateman argues that it has not been well managed.

“The Archbishop of Bamenda told me that the Prime Minister was welcomed .  he also said he thought they were ready to sacrifice all day to thoroughly discuss this issue. But the Prime Minister received the heads of religious confessions for about thirty minutes.”

He told me  this “this is what we must not do, that’s what to do.”


This is not dialogue Tumi warned.” In dialogue we must assume that the other person may have the truth that saves. We must listen and have what I would call intellectual honesty and accept the truth, whatever its origin. If it comes from the opposition or people who are on strike, we must be open to it. Not coming as an authority to dictate to it, “he notes .

For the  Cardinal Tumi the fact that Philemon Yang has received during his first visit to Bamenda by groups involved in the crisis individually. He would have loved to see the Prime Minister receive those who were on strike too, talk to them, listen to their concerns.” The free spirit which Tumi swears he has never seen from the regime headed by Mr Biya.

He further said he is a Cameroonian speaking according to the situation that arises before him. Because, as a priest, he is a leader where ever he finds himself  and must propose to society what is good


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