Cameroon:CNDHL wants to mediate in the Anglophone crisis

It emerge during the press conference  by Dr Chemuta Divine Banda, the president of National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms (CNDHL) on Tuesday 14 February in Yaoundé that the CNDHL wants to mediate in the current Anglophone  crisis.

During the press briefing, whose main subject was the problem in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, Dr Chemuta Divine Banda,  said in his report that the mission to observe and investigate cases of human rights violations caused by  movements in the Northwest and South Regions West resulted to a  resolution that a neutral, credible and accepted mediator should be found, to mediate the problem .

So far, it has become clear that the dialogue initiated by the Government suffers from the absence of credible mediators accepted by all parties besides, those negotiating with the government have been arrested . It is in this perspective that the CNDHL intends to continue to mediate in the search for durable solutions leading to a definite exit from the crisis plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions , writes Le Messager on Thursday 16 February 2017. “A dialogue coordinated by a mediator for an objective analysis of the situation “, says the president of the CNDHL.

It must be said that this idea of the CNDHL is shared by the civil society of the two Regions concerned, which in their proposals for the resolution of this conflict, wish that the Anglophone problem,  lawyers and teachers included is undertaken by new mediators , Personalities like Cardinal Tumi, or the former minister Abouem to Tchoyi, the newspaper said.

In addition, the CNDHL proposes procedures prescribed by the regulations in force at the time of the arrests, use mediators to facilitate the resolution of the crisis and the judicial authorities be observed, favorably examine the demand for the release of the leaders of these movements, For the strike to be lifted.

So far, the dialogue initiated suffers from the absence of credible mediators accepted by all parties. In addition, the CNDHL wants to see young people and women involved in the negotiating bodies, to restore internet in the two regions , account for all those arrested, among other things.


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