Cameroon:Conflicting reports as Fon of Ndop-Bamunka escapes beatings

The Fon of Ndop-Bamunka His Royal Highness Fon John S. Njoya has reportedly escaped after some villagers stormed his Palace and attempted given him some snake beatings. The inhabitants of Bamunka-a small village located along the Biya promised ring road from Bamenda to Nkambe are also threatening to declare their traditional ruler persona non grata if those arrested in Ndop and ferried to Bamenda are not released.

Police have arrested dozens of youths pending an investigation on the burning down of some classrooms in Bamunka village. The population of Ndop rose against the arrest on Wednesday. Men, Women and even children stormed the Gendarmerie brigade but were told that 21 of the youths have been taken to Bamenda.

Protesters accused their Fon of siding with the government over what they described as illegal detention of young men in the community. Gunshots were heard as the local population vowed that those arrested must regain freedom. A French news portal reported that some of the youths arrested had fire arms.

The Governor of the North West region is alleged to have ordered for the release of those being detained. Cameroun Info.Net observed that the Fon had escaped to an unknown destination.


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