Barrister Agbor Nkongho

The interim leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium have revealed that two of West Cameroon human rights experts have met with Chairman Agbor Nkongho Felix at his detention facility in Yaoundé. Dr Chemuta Divine Banda and Barrister Tambe Tiku of the National Human Rights Commission were quoted by the Consortium as saying that there was no Wednesday court hearing for the detained Consortium leaders.

Cameroon Concord News gathered from a statement issued by the Consortium that the National Human Rights Commission has requested for improved prison conditions for Chairman Barrister Agbor Nkongho Felix following several complaints he made about his shambolic treatment by the state guards.

The Consortium statement also stated that both English and French speaking lawyers visited the Chairman including Barristers Akere Muna and Ben Muna. The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium also observed that the Secretary General, Dr. Fontem Neba is being held at the Central Prison while Chairman Agbor Balla is in the principal prison.



Source:Cameroonconcord news

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