Cameroon:CPDM Central Committee Plans to Frustrate Anglophone Struggle on March 24

The on-going quest for self-determination in the English-Speaking Regions of Cameroon has exposed the secrete scheme of the main political parties in the country. Widely considered as an Anglophone Party, the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has made open calls for a federal system of government to be implemented as a solution to the crisis in West Cameroon. The party persisted to organize a rally in the Littoral Capital of Douala to sensitize its sympathizers on the merits of their long-standing option for a federal system of government in Cameroon.

Although the Honourable Member of Parliament, Nintcheu respected all the rules concerning the organization of political rallies in Cameroon, the Littoral Chairman’s rally was banned by the Divisional Officer. This violation of the people’s freedom of association was accompanied by a massive presence of the police and flanked with the artillery of the repressive gendarmerie units in Douala.

While the SDF is still to issue an official statement against the ban, it was an opportunity for the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party to tell the international community that no other group is allowed to criticize government’s policies.’ It seems only the CPDM and its political allies are granted full license to pursue their political agenda and carry out public manifestations within the country’, an observer told us.


Since the start of demonstrations by lawyers’ and teachers’ associations of Anglo-Saxon heritage, political cronies of the CPDM party have maintained a passive approach to dialogue resulting to persistence in the crisis situation. With little or no action taken to respond to the fundamental demands of the people, the Biya government has failed in its propaganda to blindfold the world into believing that schools have effectively resumed.
With the frequent influx of CPDM party barons into West Cameroon on official visits, has learnt that hundreds of millions of Francs CFA will be spent during the party’s feast day on March 24.

Our source in Yaoundé has gathered that Central Committee big-wigs would invade the troubled regions with multiple delegations to establish a political comeback from the humiliations suffered in Bamenda and Buea, last December 2016.


Since the Special Counsel and Deputy Defence Chief of the Ambazonia Governing Council  which is part of the  Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia Consortium United Front(SCACUF), had banned the ruling party from manifesting within Southern Cameroons territory in an executive order in which it declared CPDM a fascist and terrorists organization, warning  daughters and sons of Ambazonia to shun and reject the CPDM, will continue to follow developments and will inform our audience on what becomes of CPDM party fabrics on the 24th of March.

By News desk

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