Cameroon:CPDM Militants tussle over Bamenda Congress management

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The Bamenda Congress Hall constructed with contributions from sons and daughters of the region and was later transformed into a CPDM headquarters in Mezam upon completion has come under scrutiny following the smoky management of the revenue generated from the outfit.

Presently there is a power tussle between the newly elected Section President of Mezam 1B, Matoya Cletus Anye and one Paul Achombang who is operating a restaurant in one section of the congress hall and passes for the Director of the congress hall in Bamenda.

The office of the Section President has been sealed by the ousted Section President, Paul Atanga Nji, with instructions to his apologist, Paul Achombang, who also happens to be Vice Section President of Mezam 1A in Bamenda I sub-Division and claiming to have signed a five years contract to manage Bamenda congress hall. Many are raising eyebrows as to how such a contract was signed and where have the proceeds gone to given the Congress Hall is fast dilapidating.

CPDM political pundits say by right Matoya Cletus Anye is supposed to be the boss as has always been the tradition beginning with Fon Angwafor as Pioneer Section President of Mezam. How the proceeds from the Congress Hall were managed is the question for another day given that party activities are still being funded by elite and some top government officials from Yaounde.

The coming of Minister Paul Atanga Nji as section President in 2006 brought along loyalists like Paul Achombang who positioned them at the Congress Hall with Matoya Cletus Anye as vice Section President charged with the management of the day-to-day activities of the party in Mezam I.

The split is Mezam I into three sections brought in new dynamics with the law on eligibility naturally sending away Minister Paul Atanga Nji, from contesting in Mezam 1B. The appointment of PM Yang as CPDM coordinator for the North West Region who is said to be expected to take up an office at the Bamenda Congress Hall as the new patron, observers say there is need to put things straight.

Pascaline Mbua installed pioneer Limbe Omnisport Stadium Director

The newly appointed interim stadium director of the 20,000 capacity Limbe Omnisport Stadium, Pascaline Wanki Ekombe Mbua, has been installed into her new function.

Pascaline Ekombe Mbua, who doubles as the Fako Divisional Delegate of Sports and Physical Education, was installed over the weekend by the personal representative of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, the Secretary General at the sports ministry, Oumarou Tado, at the Conference Room B of the stadium.

In his installation address, Oumarou Tado said promoting to a post of responsibility comes as a reward to merit, professionalism and commitment shown in the execution of the duties assigned to the person promoted.

He added that appointing a woman for the first time to manage a stadium, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education wants to encourage the commitment and hard work of Pascaline Wanki Ekombe Mbua, not only in her capacity as Divisional Delegation of Sports in Fako, but equally in the follow-up of the construction works of the Limbe Omnisport Stadium.

Oumarou Tado disclosed that Limbe is now the focus of the national and international football in the country due to the fact that other stadia around the country are currently closed for rehabilitation purposes which are geared towards the organisation of this year’s African Women Championship and 2019 African Nations Cup.

Due to the fact that Limbe is now the focus, the Sports Minister representative said, the Limbe Omnisport Stadium will host international matches organised in Cameroon ahead of the 2016 African Women Championship. The first amongst such matches will be a 2017 African Nations Cup qualifier on 26 March 2016 between Cameroon and South Africa.

Meanwhile, the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Motanga Monjimba, in his welcome address said Pascaline Ekombe Mbua is a very hard working woman who always succeeds in all what she does, adding that her appointment is not a surprise to him. Motanga said she is a square peck in a square hole.

The Government Delegate used the opportunity to congratulate the newly appointed Stadium Director on behalf of the population of the Limbe while assuring her that the Limbe City Council will assist her in the execution of her duties.

Motanga expressed, through the Secretary General at the Sports Ministry, the Sports boss to the Head of State, President Paul Biya, the gratitude of the population of the region in general and Fako in particular for providing the Limbe municipality with a jewel of a stadium.

On her part, the pioneer stadium director told Eden that she was overwhelmed with joy and thanked the Head of State for giving Limbe a magnificent stadium.

“I am overwhelmed and happy for the appointment”, she said.

The 38-year-old stadium director, who received blessings from the senior traditional rulers of Limbe headed by their president HRM Chief Otto Molungu Molive, during the ceremony, equally used the occasion to thank her boss, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education for the confidence bestowed on her. She said being the first female stadium director in Cameroon, she was very happy.

As one of the challenges ahead of her is the fact that the stadium director will have to ensure the smooth organisation of the upcoming 2017 African Nations Cup qualifier on 26 March 2016 between Cameroon and South Africa. Aware of the task ahead of her, Pascaline Ekombe Mbua said she is going to work in collaboration with her various sub-delegates for the proper execution of her duties.

She was appointed as interim stadium director on 29 January 2016 by Service Note No.2016/001/MINSEP/CAB by the Minister of Sports.

The installation ceremony was also attended by the Secretary General at the South West Governor’s office, Clement Fon Ndikum, Fako SDO Zang III, President of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, Tombi A Roko Sidiki, National FECAFOOT Communication Officer, Laurence Fotso, DO’s for Limbe I, II and III subdivisions, Mayors of the three sub-divisional councils of Limbe, South West FECAFOOT President, Senator Charles Mbella Moki, Member of Parliament Fako East, Gladys Etombi Ikomi, traditional rulers of Limbe amongst others.

Source:The Eden Newspaper

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