Cameroon:CPDM regime’s use of a People’s oppressor (Danpullo) to mediate in the Anglophone problem causes Anger West of the Mungo

News of the CPDM government use of Alhaji Baba Amadou Danpullo to mediate in the current crisis in English-speaking Cameroon may cause another problem if care is not taken,according to information reaching

Already there has been enormous calls for the people to reject totally any negotiations involving Mr. Danpullo.

In parts of Anglophone Cameroon and beyond many have raised concerns to the choice of a man who has been an oppressor to the southern Cameroonians from Buea to Ndu to the delight of the CPDM regime which over the years has fueled the fulani business man’s human right abuses against the West Cameroon minority.

In Esu in Menchum Division of the North West Region , the people are reported to be very angry over the news and Dze-Usu has issued a statement saying “No Negotiations through Baba Danpullo”.

Some persistent rumors have been circulating that Mr. Baba Amadou Danpullo (Mr. BAD) summoned a delegation of protesting lawyers and teachers to his Ndawara residence at the request of President Biya to try to work things out.

Who is BAD?

BAD is an oppressor who has been oppressing citizens of West Cameroon with impunity. Using agents of La Republique in Yaoundé, he has systematically harassed, tortured, imprisoned many citizens of West Cameroon. The people of Esu where he illegally and forcefully occupies more than 10,000 hectares of land are, like other compatriots in several parts of West Cameroon, victims of BAD. He has destroyed houses, homes, farms and using his agents in Yaoundé he has stationed soldiers in Esu to harass and torture anyone who approaches the land.

Right now, 4 Esu youths who protested against his illegal activities are being detained in Bamenda on trumped up charges on the orders of BAD. Just like Paul Eric Kingue who dared to ask a French company that occupies about 4,000 hectares of land in Penja, he was arrested and jailed on the orders of Marafa Hamidou (BAD’s friend) on trumped up charges of burning down a police station; 4 Esu boys are being detained in similar circumstmces.

This would not happen if Common law was applicable in West Cameroon. Mr. BAD will never support the existence of common law, hence reason why no negotiation should ever be done around him.

Mr. BAD never keeps his words, especially when it comes to defending his interests. He will deceive us into signing an agreement with la Republique and at the end nothing will happen. BAD must never be around any negotiating table. He is an enemy of Federalism and Common Law.



Instead of paying taxes to the people, he prefers to go bribes to the Secretary of Defense in charge Gendarmarie to protect his interests and arrest anyone who threatens them.

Fungom Rural Council loses billions of francs in tax revenues annually from BAD.The Cameroon development Corporation (CDC) is today on the brinks of collapse due to the corrupt practices of BAD, “Dze-Usu wrote. 

Recall that on Tuesday 13th of December,2016 reported that a high level delegation of Lawyers and Teachers, headed by Barrister Harmony Bobga convened in Ndawara, Boyo Division, at the legendary home of business mogul and Biya protege, Alhadji Baba.

The meeting was at the behest of President Biya who reached out to his friend Alhadji Baba. At the meeting , Alhadji Baba said that President Biya was not getting the truth from the men around him and had reached out to him so he could get to the bottom of the problems. But first, the President indicated that talk of federation had to be “off the table“.

Accompanied by France 24 because some participants “were in fear of not coming out of that fortress” alive, the lawyers and teachers maintained their demands, viz:

Common Law Bar;Common Law Chamber at the Supreme Court;Common Law School to train lawyers as well as Common Law Judges,Separate Education Council to take care of Southern, Cameroons education from kindergarten through University;
Return control of entry into professional schools back to the Universities and away from the corrupt Ministry of Higher Education;
Return to two State Federation.
The 12 hour long session started Sunday afternoon and ended in wee hours of Monday at 2:00am, the time at which lawyers finished drafting the document that was immediately dispatched to the Presidency for translation and then forwarded to the President. The Lawyers, Teachers and Civil Society present hope to hear from the President soon.

But they made it clear, sources say, that if there is no reasonable action by the Head of State, things will move into phase three.

By Evangeline Sih .




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