Cameroon:CPDM’s planned manipulation Failed BIG TIME in Buea

img-20161206-wa0019Empty seats at Bongo square Buea today.


Bearly a day after SDF chairman Ni John Fru Ndi lead more than 10,000 man march in Buea sending a clear message for Federation or secession ,the PM Yang arrived to a virtually empty grand stand at Bongo square in  a rally whose aim was to counter the people’s wise,Waiting on Jean Nkuete the SG of the CPDM to arrive.

Seeing that things were not going as they hoped, ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM)  then  resorted to intimidation and bribe, to force people to attend their rally at Buea.

As they try  to manipulate the world on the ongoing Anglophone crisis , they  targeted workers of CDC and Tole Tea Estate to attend a CPDM planned rally in Buea .

But unfortunately Buses meant to transport CDC workers from Tiko to Buea went back empty, gathered.

We are told the workers refused. Out of panic, the CPDM Bus stopped at Likomba bridge Tiko paying 2000 FCFA instantly to those who want to go.

According to a source, One of such workers is reported to have written to Ayah Paul Abine’s PAP party this morning saying “they call me today and promise to give 10,000frs for the match pass in buea and i scream at the guy violently,and told him that Cameroon is moving towards another direction”.img-20161206-wa0018




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