Cameroon:Criticism over Ayah’s proposed list causes him to part ways with the Anglophone Fight

Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine

Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine,President of the PAP party has officially resign from the Anglophone fight.

In a Facebook post titled ‘THE DANGERS OF FOUMBAN  2’ of which has attached a copy below Ayah says he is stepping out of the Anglophone fight, so that the Anglophone endeavour may succeed.

Ayah Paul Abine’s resignation post


Sources say He made the  decision after critics particularly in the social media question his decision to build up a list last December 9,of Anglophone leaders to dialogue with the regime on the current Anglophone crisis.

Kennedy Ejacha on 12th of December, 2016 had argued that “English speaking Cameroonians are not that cheap to the point where our leadership should be plugged from the social media market Square”.

For others Ayah Paul did not have the powers to have initiated such a list of which he was the Secretary General.

By Hillman Muntang

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